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To the loyal and the treacherous,
During the month of December, every single item ordered at gets a free Xmas themed Brutal Doodle. That means if you order one print, you get one Brutal Doodle. If order two prints you get TWO Brutal Doodles. 3 prints? Yep THREE FUTHA MUCKIN' BRUTAL DOODLES!!! Each one is numbered and signed by the august Panda King himself (and who is writing in third person) Who will get #1?

Poor Turkeys...

Hail friends and enemies!

For the month of November we will remember the genocide of billions of turkeys with a new print, the lovely Death KNight Elf. As a token of thanks, any order of $20 or more placed during the month of November will get a free sketch I like to call a Gruesome Giving. Puritanical "Kill"grims, zombie turkeys and the like will be the topic of these brutal doodles and will only be available in November. After that, you will have to wait another year for your Gruesome Giving.


Free sketches in October - Pucking Fumpkins!

Any purchase of $20.00 or more placed within the month of October will receive a free pencil sketch of a twisted and nasty Halloween pumpkin. These will be numbered so order soon for the glory of owning the first Pucking Fumpkin sketch of 2013!

San Diego Comic-Con International 2012

 Hail noble Pack of the Storm!

The Panda King will be hosting an artistic extravaganza at the San Diego Comic-Con, July 12-15th. Samwise, who is writing this in third person, will be offering an array of personal and work related art prints as well as original #2 pencil Portraits of Power. As per usual, weapons, skulls and ale will be accepted as offerings and tributes to his royal Panda-ness. Details of table location and examples of the prints are located below.

See you next week loyal pack mates.